District Governor 2015-16

My Dear Fellow Rotarians

Rotary Greetings

I feel happy to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for reposing your faith in me and electing me as your representative to the highest post of our district for the year 2015-16. I assure you that I will be sincerely doing my best to ensure that our district will attain healthy growth in all avenues of Rotary service.

It is my immense pleasure to present before you the District Directory 2015. I put on record my gratitude to the District Publication team for hard work and extra ordinary vision to ensure the time bound publication.

The compilation of District data is a huge task as it contains variety of related information. Yet against all adds, the details could be compiled efficiently. To make this directory more informative and user friendly, we have included information vital for Rotarians. We are sure this directory would be up to your expectations.

Rotary's new year (2015-2016) is approaching fast. We have got immense responsibilities towards Rotary, society, friends, families and ourselves. The biggest challenge is to make a balance in all walks of our life and channelize our efforts in such a way that every aspect of our life gets due consideration. If we are able to achieve this feat we will be able to give justice to us and to everyone related to us.

Since Rotary has great importance in our life, I urge you to give it top slot in your priority list. There after involve yourself completely with any work, activity, or project, related to any area of rotary, till its completion.

I am sure, at the end of the year when you will look in the mirror, you will be able to meet your eyes with a sense of pride and satisfaction. That, my friends, will be the moment of your year. I request all of you to utilize this year positively giving something back to the society and "BE A GIFT TO THE WORLD".

With Warm Rotary Regards



RID 3051